Little Lady Mothers Day Card

Mothers day is fast approaching which means spoiling the mother figure in your life. Nothing shows her you care more than a handmade card, which is where this little lady comes in!

This card is easy peasy to make, will take 5 minutes, and chances are you’ve already got all of the components hiding in your craft box! So, let get crafting!


You will need..

-A blank card and envelope
-Decorative card
-Buttons (at least one large)
-Mini wired flower decoration
-German pins (normally used for flower arranging)
-Glue gun



Step 1..img_7264
Take the decorative card and cut out a large triangle to make the lady’s dress






Step 2..img_7266
Take two of the German pins and bend one of them almost straight to make the arms






Step 3..img_7269
Using the glue gun, stick the bent German pin about a third of the way down the card, slightly to the left. Take the unbent pin and stick further down the card, ensuring it stays central to the lady’s arms




Step 4.. img_7273
Stick the dress directly onto the arms and legs, gluing directly onto the raised parts of the pin. This will mean the dress is raised, giving  3D effect





Step 5..img_7274
Now stick a large button on to the top point of the dress, making sure the two holes are horizontal to resemble eyes





Step 6..img_7270
Take the flowers and trim the stalks so it is in proportion with the lady






Step 7..img_7276
Stick the bouquet onto the lady’s right hand







Step 8..img_7277
Finally, add some buttons to the front of the envelope and write your message inside!






Material credits:
-Blank card and envelope: Hobbycraft, all good craft stores
-Decorative card: Hobbycraft, all good craft stores
-Buttons (one large at least): Hobbycraft, all good craft stores
-Mini wired flower decoration: Hobbycraft
-German pins (normally used for flower arranging): all good florists, amazon, Hobbycraft

I can’t wait to see your little lady’s!



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