Hello from The Craft Lady!

Hello! I’m the Craft Lady, welcome to my brand new site full of ideas, reviews and crafty news!

I’m going to share all of my favourite crafting ideas with you, as well as review some of the most exciting craft kits on the market. I’ll share the good, the bad and the ugly; and I can’t wait to see your creations too!

I’ve always loved to craft and do so at any possible opportunity, whether it’s decorating a seasonal table, pressing flowers, or making a special keepsake and the paper to wrap it in. Crafting can bring a smile to everyone’s face, as well as offer an hour or to where you leave the noise of life behind you and think solely of how on earth you’re going to fit that beautiful but overly decorated card into its envelope!

I started crafting when I was very young with my dear Nana. She introduced me to the world of glue guns, quilling and embossing, and I hold some very fond memories of that time.

That’s the thing, whether your choosing to craft alone to take your mind off the stresses and anxiety of life, with a group of girls (or boys) with a prosecco in hand repeating the words ‘omg I can’t believe you’re getting married next month’, or to spend time with a beloved family member, the ideas I will share with you will be sure to create a few memories and keepsakes along the way!

Be sure to keep an eye on pinterest, instagram and twitter (@thecraftladyUK) for daily inspiration!

Lets get crafting…!!



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